About Us

We are so thrilled that you love our jewelry as much as we love making them.

Before I created the Mary Josephine Jewelry line, I set myself to learn as much as I could with jewelry for the love of art and gems. I’ve taken Metalsmithing with the Masters in the Industry, Gemology with GIA and Gem-A, Jewelry design in hand and CAD and even learned some lapidary work. Jewelry in its entirety is my passion.

One day, I entered and won an International jewelry design competition that opened doors for me in this industry. This gave a confidence boost that I could do this, I could offer my designs, passion, years of knowledge and experience with jewelry in the pieces I create.

I was concerned that I may not be able to reproduce my pieces the exact same way. But then, as I ventured around handmade shops, I realized that the slight variance and ability to custom is the beauty of handmade jewelry.

I decided I set out to open a jewelry business and share my art. I create handmade pieces designed with an edgy look at the same time keeping in mind the wear aspect and the durability of materials used.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined. The stones can be difficult to source at any given time due to it being natural. Manufacturing some key components also brought about some challenges. Due to this, I decided to offer the bigger pieces or pieces that involves difficult to source stones as custom pieces only and offer a jewelry line that is more wearable, less complicated in details while maintaining my signature look.

Through it all, we released our first jewelry collection and the response has been heart-warming and fulfilling. The love that my client express upon wearing my pieces is what keeps me inspired to continue in this journey of creating handmade jewelry.

Ever So Thankful For You,

Mary Josephine Feliciano, GIA G.G., FGA